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The form and concept of this book was driven by its function, and then became its aesthetic. I worked with Katie Curd to develop it, and then implemented it with -ness for our exhibition -Preface.

What was needed was a publication which was produced cheaply and quickly, which showed each of the exhibitors work and their contact details. We thought logistically about the desire for individuals to have their own work acknowledged in an exhibition where everyones work was presented integrated, and also about an audience which may be interested in only some of the individuals work. From this came the idea that each exhibitor should have their own section which could stand alone or with the other sections. Each section can act somewhat as a business card and personal portfolio, but together they form a publication which documents the exhibition.

The innovative idea of Build-Your-Own-Book came from logical problem solving with an ability to think outside the box.

The diagrammatic aesthetic then was born from the need to show people how to put the book together (and to instruct them to do so!). Katie and I created the diagram on the front cover and a system of shapes and patterns for each designed to make their own diagram also. Each of the 10 contributing designers was assigned an A4 leaf, folded in half to create a cover, (a digram or explanation of how to construct one of their works), a centerfold (an image of their work), and contact details (on the back), which they fitted into Katies and my template.

The different coloured paper creates a charming rainbow rag when bound together in this simple way, a pleasant surprise to the maker, and each designer gets their own colour.

The interactive book was enjoyed by many people during the duration of the exhibition, with some adding their own creative flair.

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