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Hoax is a quarterly publication distributed freely by a tiny team of artists led by Lulu Nunn. Hoax publishes ‘Creative Work Incorporating Text’ or CWIT, curated from an open submission. I created the Hoax Online-Archive as an experiment into how printed publications can be experienced online. The Hoax publications are recognisable by their pastel coloured paper and signature folded format, in this way, the object of the publication becomes a specific experience and identity. I wanted an archive which did more than re-present content; I wanted to show the coloured, folded object and experimental ethos which is HOAX.

The publications are re-created virtual 3D models using SketchUp. The art works are placed as PDFs onto the faces of the virtual objects, so the image is clear and crisp. Each issue has three models showing the publication at different stages of being unfolded, and each model can be interacted with using the mouse, they can be turned around (click) and zoomed into (scroll). This was the most challenging part of the concept to create, I have not seen it done before so had no reference as to how it may be done. Although they convey the objects, I am not entirely happy with the 3D models as they are. The next step is to create objects which can be unfolded by the user, to have one rather than three for each issue.

Each issue has its own pastel coloured window mimicking the paper colour of the original printed version. These windows are movable and re-sizable divisions within the home page. The way they are stacked and can be shuffled around mimics interactions with a collection of printed ephemera. The windows also allow for flicking through, and create the feeling of an archive of different objects rather than just content. They can be hidden after they are read, eventually revealing more information about HOAX.

The graphic design centers around this playful stack of virtual ephemera, everything else is paired back to black and white to contrast, and the overlapped windows are different sizes and positions to convey their flexibility. The typography is experimental - a large manifesto boldly layers over everything, but its weight keeps it readable. The manifesto and main title are set in a bold sans-serif, clear and strong, while secondary titles and all other information in a smaller, lighter mono-space, alluding to typewritten and digital archives.

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