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Tommy Zhong and Jennifer Nelson approached me to design and build a website for their new brand. While showcasing the current collection, the website needed to contain information and act as a base upon which to add future collections. The logo design, typeface and restrained colour choices produce an aesthetically contemporary yet classic base upon which each season can showcase its own style.

We wanted the homepage to show the feel of the collection without focusing on just one look; thus I created a fading slideshow focusing on the hand-finished textiles used throughout the garments. The slideshow will be updated with each new seasons textiles. The layout of the lookbook brings attention to the looks themselves, by placing the photos in rigid sizes. Variation in the quantity per screen add rhythm, emphasis and focus within the lookbook.

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The tags and business cards were commissioned after the website and take the same emphasis on the collections hand-finished textiles. Paint has been scraped on canvas textured paper by hand and then printed over the top. The layout takes structure from the website navigation and leaves open space for the textures to be.

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